Urban Skin

Urban Living: Is It Safe For Your Skin?

Urban pollution

“The modern urban lifestyle has wreaked havoc on the overall health of our skin worldwide. Skin care advancements are working to change that through several state-of-the art formula innovations and newly launched products”

Currently, more than half of the world’s population is living in cities. This urbanisation is a far cry from our nomadic-tribal, open-air beginnings. In fact, some would argue that the mass movement to cities is unnatural to us as a species and that our body is not built for the cooped-up lifestyle.

Regardless, urbanisation continues unabated, primarily due to the numerous professional and personal opportunities. Still, we can acknowledge the negative effect that city-living can have on our health. While some studies relate increased levels of cardiovascular diseases and cancers to urban life – we’re going to focus on an often underestimated negative side-effect of enjoying city life: the skin. We’ll be delving into the primary consequences that pollution, weather, UV/Blue light, and even AC systems can have on our skin within an urban setting. Let’s get right to it!

How The Urban Setting Can Affect Our Skin

The skin is our protective barrier against the environment and thus tends to be a direct reflection of the environment in which we live. As we know, pollution levels tend to be alarmingly high across the world’s cities. Airborne pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide (EPA), Ozone (EPA), and Particulate Matter permeate the air and are inescapable for city dwellers.

These chemical and physical aggressors can draw moisture from the outer layer of the skin and wreak havoc on its internal chemistry. A 2019 study published in the Wiley Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology stated the damages as “protein oxidation and cell death (apoptosis), and a reduction in cell proliferation and antioxidant and ATP levels.” The study concluded that “Both outdoor and indoor pollution was found to intensify the signs of skin aging such as facial lentigines and wrinkles.”

A Damaging Process That Starts From Within

But that’s not all; going further, the study found that not even the inner layers of our skin are safe. The pollutants that we inhale or ingest diffuse into our bloodstreams and damage our skin from its very roots.

The Aesthetic Consequences Of City-Living

However, perhaps most interesting was the reference to the clinical studies which compared the skin parameters of subjects living in the urban Mexico city and the more rural Cuernavaca. Despite being areas within the same country, it was found that the subjects in Cuernavaca had an overall lower sebum excretion rate. This suggests that there’s a strong link between raised airborne pollution and acne. Or, in other words, people living in cities have a higher tendency to suffer from external skin conditions.

Additional Urbanisation Factors That Harm The Skin

And as if that wasn’t enough, city-dwellers still have to deal with the onslaught of UV light and blue light peering through the buildings and perhaps the most fearsome of all: AC systems. Central heating and cooling systems are almost synonymous with skin dryness. Even if you choose to spend more time outdoors, the urban lifestyle also includes facing the weather, which can ultimately dehydrate your skin and lead to inflammation.

Furthermore, fast-paced urban lifestyles generally involve a significant amount of jet-setting, meaning that urbanites will spend a lot of time in pressurised cabins with recycled air. This environment leads the skin to suffer from what is commonly known as ‘flight dryness.’

So, what can be done?

Fortunately, the city-skin situation is not hopeless. Dermatologists and industry experts are continually working on cutting-edge formulas that can reinforce the skin as a protective barrier against the elements of the environment.

Their focus is on soothing the skin’s inflammatory response while taking a multi-layered approach to imbibing the skin with lasting hydration. Moreover, it’s worth noting that most modern formulas could be referred to as ‘skin food,’ considering they contain all the nutrients and minerals the skin needs to thrive.

Overall, they aim to offer protection from the first layer to the last, providing full-face and comprehensive care against the chemical onslaught of the urban lifestyle.

The Future of Urban Skin Care

 One of the most promising advancements in skin care against the urban lifestryle is the implementation of microbiology. Once underestimated, we’re now beginning to understand the power that out microbiome holds over our overall health, including that of our skin. Fortunately, micro-organisms are natural, organic, and tend to affect our body’s systems gently rather than harshly (FDA-regulated.) Moreover, they’re known for their high mineral and moisture contents, making them indispensable in skin care.

The Brand Paving The Way For The Future Of Urban Skin Care

Skin Rei’Aya is a brand that aims to stand between you and the aging, drying, harmful side effects of living in a city. How? By infusing their products with the above mentioned micro-organisms and other such organic, moisture-packed, and scientifically proven-to-work formulas, Skin Rei’Aya are revolutionizing the skincare landscape from the inside out. They’ve taken all the latest advancements proven to stave off the damaging onslaught of urban lifestyle and masterly combined them into their futuristic formula that works.

Future possibilities?

The growth of cities is not slowing. As we march towards and ever-more globalized world, concerns surrounding urban skin care will increase. As mentioned above, pollution, fluctuating weather conditions, UV/Blue light, and dry indoor environments combine to make urban lifestyles a nightmare for the skin. Going forward, it’s expected that skin care brands will work to remedy this skin-oriented issue. Industry experts will continue to veer in the direction of microbiology focus. Brands such as Skin Rei’Aya are setting the skin care standard industry-wide, meaning that you’ll start to see more micro-organisms and other such earth-derived substances in your beauty products. These revolutionary formulas will help your skin to weather any conditions a city throws your way!