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Skincare for a changing world

‘protect the Organ that protects them all’


Global warming, climate change, and the urban lifestyle posses countless threats to the health of our skin. Air conditioning; pollution; excessive blue light generated by myriads of screens and extreme weather changes all have detrimental effects on the skin.  Poor hydration accentuates the signs of aging and increases the risk of long-term damage. As we cannot always avoid these factors, an effective skincare regime is a must.

Sustainability is the pressing priority in the fast-paced lifestyle of today. We are committed to sustainable living and this translates directly into our brand.  All our products are sustainably sourced, produced, and packaged.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive brand, which is why all our products are Halal and we also offer a range of Vegan and Vegetarian options.


Key Features

Unisex Products – All our Products are designed to work its best on every individual



Everyone deserves the right to look after themselves well and where better to begin than the skin?


Sahishta Pathan,
Founder Skin Rei'aya

Skin Rei’Aya, for comfort in your own skin.

The history of my fondness for skincare roots back to my childhood; the women around me have always been influenced with taking care of their skin which sparked a sense of curiosity within me since a younger age. As a child I grew up watching my grandmother’s love for ayurvedic skincare products and how she followed traditional regimen with her best kept secrets.