Vitis Vinifera

Grapeseed oil comes from the pressed seeds of grapes. The oil is a by-product of the process of making wine. It’s known for its

These properties, along with the high amounts of omega chain fatty acids and vitamin E contained in grapeseed oil, have made it a popular topical treatment for skin.

Benefits for your skin

Grapeseed oil treats acne outbreaks

Because of the proven antimicrobial properties of grapeseed oil, some people use it to treat acne outbreaks. Though research into how this works is lacking, it makes sense that by attacking bacteria that can get deep into your pores and cause breakouts, grapeseed oil can make your skin clearer.

Grapeseed oil makes skin softer and more elastic

Grapeseed oil was tested, along with a number of other herbal ingredients that claim to improve your skin’s elasticity and softness. Research has shownTrusted Source that the herbal ingredient did improve:

  • skin’s moisture
  • softness
  • ability to bounce back

Grapeseed oil helps the vitamin E and vitamin C in your skin to be more efficientTrusted Source and effective at preserving your skin.

Grapeseed oil evens out skin tone

Grapeseed oil contains a powerful antioxidant ingredient called proanthocyanidin. This antioxidant may even out skin tone when it’s used on your skin consistently.

Taking grapeseed oil extract orally has been shownTrusted Source to improve the symptoms of melasma (also called chloasma and the “mask of pregnancy”), a hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Grapeseed oil can protect your skin from sun damage

The powerful antioxidants in grapeseed oil have another benefit. One reviewTrusted Source describes grapeseed oil as helping to protect your skin from absorbing the full damage of UV rays.