Himanthalia Elongata

This is an enriched fraction of fucosterol and phyco-carotenoids extracted from the brown seaweed, Himanthalia elongata. In the alga, these marine substances are involved in the fight against the negative side effects of aging and sun.

UV, blue light and Infra-Red type A generate ROS and promote MMP1 within the skin, leading to photo-aging. Blue light (400–420 nm) in particular leads to oxidative stress. This induces inflammatory cytokines, increases the expression of matrix degrading enzymes (MMP-1) and decreases the anti-oxidative capacity of fibroblast.  It also inhibits its proliferation and induces skin darkening.

Himanthalia elongata extract, which shows an absorption maximum rate in the 400 to 430 nm wavelength range, focuses entirely on the toxic high-energy wavelengths responsible of blue light skin damage.

Himanthalia elongata extract protects against collagen destruction and maintains fibroblast activity by inhibiting MMP-1 and reducing the damage caused by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). It also promotes collagen and elastin synthesis in aging cells.

In-Vivo studies show that after 28days, 3% Marine Bamboo TG versus placebo cream offers:

  • Firmness +8%
  • Tonicity +12%
  • Reduction of TEWL
  • Blurring effect.