Rei’Aya [ pr.Ree-A-Yah ] derived from the Arabic meaning  ‘to care.’

Skin Rei’Aya brand has its origins in the Arabic phrase ‘Rei’aya,’ which translates to ‘care’.

Everyone deserves the right to look after themselves well and where better to begin than the skin? Your skin is the largest organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world, acting as a primary barrier against the harsh urban environment.

To combat this, we offer a range of luxury products that are designed to protect, heal and soothe your skin against major environmental extremities. We also believe that the more you understand your skin, the better you can care for it. Which is why, along with our products, we will share our knowledge of good skincare, the best skincare choices available, and how to incorporate them in your routine.


Transparency! Transparency is honesty: In the case of skincare, it’s providing full disclosure on process and ingredients to customers in a way that’s clear. We will declare the full INCI list so that our customers have the confidence that our products are free from fillers, allergens or anything that poses a threat to your health.

Creating a clean, luxurious skincare brand for Halal users: There are millions of Muslims who are looking for a skincare brand that they can trust for it being Halal, high-performance, being clean, and free from hazardous toxins. Being a Muslim myself I know the struggle of going through the INCI list of each product and googling and finding if each ingredient is safe to use, Halal, free from toxins, high quality, and high performance. Skin Rei’Aya will solve all these problems in one go.

Identifying the problems faced by the target audience: I would like to use my social media presence to address an array of skin-care-related problems with expert advice. A good skincare regimen always starts with a good skin consultation.

Provide easy solutions for everyday skin-related problems: Our clean & potent ingredients will be gentle on the skin. We have the right treatments according to our clients’ needs. Fight sun damage, blue light damage, dry, dull, and dehydrated skin, acne, uneven skin tone, and oily skin troubles by using our products, best suited for our customer’s personalized skin type!


‘protect the Organ that protects them all’

Global warming, climate change, and the urban lifestyle posses countless threats to the health of our skin. Air conditioning; pollution; excessive blue light generated by myriads of screens and extreme weather changes all have detrimental effects on the skin.  Poor hydration accentuates the signs of aging and increases the risk of long-term damage. As we cannot always avoid these factors, an effective skincare regime is a must.

Sustainability is the pressing priority in the fast-paced lifestyle of today. We are committed to sustainable living and this translates directly into our brand.  All our products are sustainably sourced, produced, and packaged.

We pride ourselves in being an inclusive brand, which is why all our products are Halal and we also offer a range of Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Pillers of Skin Rei’Aya

Thoughtful Formulation:

Our formulations are highly effective, thoughtful, and made in the safest form within the dermatological limit.

Quality Assurance:

All our ingredients and actives are of the highest quality.

Clinically-Proven Actives:

We use actives that are backed with science, clinically tested, and clinically proven.


All our products are made by halal methods and with halal ingredients.

Ethically- Sourced Ingredients:

Sustainability is at the heart of our brand. Our products, manufacturing process and packaging are ethically-sourced and cruelty-free.

Pillers of Skin Rei’Aya

About our Founder

Skin Rei’Aya, for comfort in your own skin.

The history of my fondness for skincare roots back to my childhood; the women around me have always been influenced with taking care of their skin which sparked a sense of curiosity within me since a younger age. As a child I grew up watching my grandmother’s love for ayurvedic skincare products and how she followed traditional regimen with her best kept secrets.

I’ve always been fond of nature and intrigued to know how to use the things around me to heal my skin and combat skin related issues with DIY masks and exfoliants as I reached my teenage years. My knowledge in skincare expanded when I moved to MIDDLE EAST post marriage and spent time under the harsh weather. That is when I decided to turn my skincare passion into a career and help others who had skin issues like me by bringing Halal and Sustainable options. I further studied and obtained Diploma in Skincare Formulations and Advance Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science.

Having lived in different countries with such diverse lifestyles have broadened my vision to skincare. India has instilled in me a love for ayurvedic ingredients; In the UK, I found high-performing targeted skincare while the approach to skincare in UAE was synonymous with luxury. The weather also varied drastically in these countries. The UK is extremely dry and cold and therefore demands heaps of hydration. In contrast, the hot and humid climate of Dubai and India requires more than SPF to keep the skin healthy and balanced.

This brings me to the present, where I aspire to create a skincare line that combines all my experience, knowledge and values.  I aim to create a luxurious brand with unique, thoughtful formulations, made from high-performing-ingredients that are sustainable, ethically-sourced and Halal too!

Shaista Shaikh, Founder – Skin Rei’aya