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Our mission is to enhance a luxurious skin-care line & educate our customers of proper product knowledge. We strive to provide our customers with effective skin-care products to improve the quality of their skin. We use clinically proven actives that promise results. We believe in sustainable living and this is translated directly in our brand, from using ethically sourced ingredients to the packaging of our products. Following the EU’s guideline, Skin Rei’aya eliminates at least 1,400 harmful and unsafe ingredients in its skin-care line. However, if a natural ingredient is considered unsafe, not sustainable, or if a Halal version is unavailable, we use synthetic alternatives – given that everything is within the dermal limit and 100% safe to use. We  maintain complete transparency with our buyers & elevate their experience of skincare! Our mission is to interweave science and nature, without harming the natural world or those around us.


Moonlight Concentrate

Developed specifically to help your skin recover its natural health after the stresses of urban life. This is a high-quality night treatment that simultaneously works to rejuvenate your skin, fight signs of aging and prepare your skin for the next day. Enriched with Bakuchiol, Moonlight Concentrate promotes collagen renewal, reduces deep-set wrinkles, and increases skin elasticity. It helps to repair the skin barrier and maintain hydration, leaving your skin feeling naturally soft and healthy. A simple touch of luxury, Moonlight Concentrate is a must-have in your skincare routine.

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Shaista Shaikh - Founder Skin Rei'aya


 Transparency is honesty: In the case of skincare, it’s providing full disclosure on process and ingredients to customers in a way that’s clear. We will declare the full INCI list so that our customers have the confidence that our products are free from fillers, allergens, or anything that poses a threat to the health.

Creating a clean, luxurious skincare brand for Halal users: There are millions of Muslims who are looking for a skincare brand that they can trust for it being Halal, high-performance, being clean, and free from hazardous toxins. Being a Muslim myself I know the struggle of going through the INCI list of each product and googling and finding if each ingredient is safe to use, Halal, free from toxins, high quality, and high performance. Skin Rei’Aya will solve all these problems in one go.

Identifying the problems faced by the target audience: I would like to use my social media presence to address an array of skin-care-related problems with expert advice. A good skincare regimen always starts with a good skin consultation.

Provide easy solutions for everyday skin-related problems: Our clean & potent ingredients will be gentle on the skin. We have the right treatments according to our clients’ needs. Fight sun damage, blue light damage, dry, dull, and dehydrated skin, acne, uneven skin tone, and oily skin troubles by using our products, best suited for our customer’s personalized skin type!

What Our Customer Say

Verified Buyer
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Lots of blessings to skinreiaya & Ms. Shaista Pathan. Never ever trusted the skincare brands that were only sold based on the marketing geniuses, the product was never the same as per their message, Felt the same with Skin Reiaya but when I spoke with Shaista over instagram and she made me understand how she develops the product with passion and commitment and the quality ingredients used in the product, When I tried URBAN SHIELD, the product stands at its best! I am so much more comfortable in my skin than I ever was.
Alma Qureshi
Verified Buyer
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I met Shaista in an event and when she spoke to me about her brand, especially about her HERO product MOONLIGHT CONCENTRATE, I got really excited as I love Bakuchiol. I bought the product from the website and simply blown away with the way it has transformed my skin. My skin looks healthy and I can see visible changes to my skin. My pigmentation has reduced and my skin is a lot firm now. Thank You Shaista, Keep It Up, May Allah Help You Achieve Your Mission To Promote A Healthy Skin Regime Across The Globe.
Ishika Mehta
Verified Buyer
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Shaista is so talented when talking about skincare, I recently met her at an event and I was blown away with the kind of skin consultation she gave me. With her recommendation I bought her Day Serum URBAN SHIELD, using it for the last 13 days and I can see some visible results on my skin, my skin does not feel stressed after a long hectic day of work and when travelling I don't feel it's stretchy anymore. The product is just super and I am liking it.
A Pathan
Verified Buyer
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Love this product!!!!! Easy to apply and is very fast-absorbing and has a glowy, non-greasy finish. I’ve been using this product for over 3 weeks and I’ve noticed my skin is softer and more radiant!
Verified Buyer
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Would definitely recommend. This product is a game changer for my dry and itchy skin. I can see visible results on my skin. My skin is a lot softer and smoother . All the dryness and itchy was gone right away. Finding a halal product with such great results is a big relief.
Ben W
Verified Buyer
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Got this for me and my girlfriend and we both love it. Though at first, I was a bit skeptical about using oil as I have oily skin but thought at least my girlfriend will use it well for her dry skin. But this oil is a miracle in a bottle. Helped with acne spots and inflammation in nearly 4 weeks. Its keeping my skin sane in all conditions.
Tracey Beale
Verified Buyer
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I am a daily commuter to central London from east London and then work in central heating whole day followed by busy train again. My skin has become so itchy, dry, acne prone and damaged because of this. I bought Urban Sheild 2 weeks ago and can say my itchiness and dryness is completely gone. I feel my skin is plumper (if that’s a word)and stay hydrated for longer time. Don’t know if it will help with my acne. Cant wait to try its other products.
Verified Buyer
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I have a dry but acne prone and inflamed skin. I have used many products and diy’s to reduce acne and inflammation but couldnt find a long term solution. I have been using Urban Shield for the last 6 weeks & I can see visible results on my skin. My skin is a lot softer and smoother. Its so calming and soothing without any dryness just after 2 weeks. Will definitely be trying Gua sha to go with it. btw i am using it for 6 weeks and there is not even a dent yet. love love love it xx

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